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Security and safety begin with a properly designed access control system. Monitoring who is in your facility and where they go is essential to protecting your personnel, products, and property. MIS has the expertise to bring high-quality, user-specific solutions to our customers to fulfill every unique need.

Lockdown App for Your Phone

Immediate Lockdown

Immediately lock down perimeter doors, certain offices or departments, warehouses, or any combination of doors. With a push of a button or keystroke, your entire facility is locked down.

Complete Control of Your Security Schedule

Lock/Unlock schedule

Set doors to lock or unlock at various intervals throughout the day.

Create smart rules to secure your facility

Access Rules

Create smart rules to secure your facility further. Set a first-in unlock rule where doors don't unlock until someone uses a card or fob to enter first to eliminate the building being open with nobody there.

Give temporary access

Temporary Access

Give temporary access to vendors, contractors, students or other visitors.

Turn lights on or off and set temperatures

Control Lights and Temperature

Use your access control system to turn lights on or off and set temperatures. Save money and make the building safer and more comfortable for employees and visitors.

Detect water leaks and other hazards

Advanced Hazard Detection

Detect water leaks and other hazards as soon as they happen, giving emergency responders the crucial time they need.

eliminate the need to rekey or install new locks upon

Eliminate New Lock Installations and Rekeying

With access control, you eliminate the need to rekey or install new locks upon security breaches or employee terminations. "Rekeying" a lock is as simple as a push of a button.

Advanced Reporting to keep track of your building

Advanced Reporting

Run advanced reports to find out who was in your building and at what time.

From small businesses to large multi-corporations, our integrated security solutions help keep your facilities safer and more secure

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