Flexible Financing Options

Security As A Service

Midwest Integrated Solutions in partnership with TAMCO Shield® is a subscription-based payment model for all your security needs. TAMCO Shield is not a lease. It is different from every other payment option available because it provides you with added protection and flexibility unforeseen anywhere else on the market.

Technology is meant to make you more efficient and profitable, but when you own the technology, you own the added responsibility of it holding you back if something goes wrong, or it no longer fits your needs. TAMCO Shield allows organizations to focus on operating and using the technology while it is useful and relieves you from the burden of owning outdated and obsolete technology.

Financial Benefits

Shield is an as-a-service subscription payment program for organizations that desire the benefit of having access and use over the need to own technology that depreciates and can handcuff you to equipment that will rapidly become outdated. Also, with Shield you do not have to make a large capital outlay. Preserve cash flow so you can use your capital for revenue-generating business activities. And, when considering the time value of money, Shield is often the lowest cost method of procurement.

Protect Against Obsolescence

We offer a variety of ways to finance your investment.  One of the issues preventing many customers from investing in technology is the technology becomes obsolete and no longer meets the customers' needs. MIS offers financing, through our partnership with TAMCO, that provides protection from obsolescence.  If your security system no longer meets your needs, you can have it replaced with a new solution.

Flexible End of Term Options

TAMCO Shield allows customers to choose an end of term option that is right for them. A lot can change in 3-5 years. Decide what's best when the contract comes to an end, not upfront. Renew with the solution replacement guarantee, renew without it, return the equipment, upgrade to a new system, and more

Acts of God

We also protect against Acts of God. If any of the equipment financed with TAMCO Shield is damaged during the term due to flooding, lightning, tornado, fire or other natural disasters, 100% of your out of pocket deductible will be paid for by TAMCO.

Bundled Support

You are also able to bundle your support service into the term of the agreement.  It's always there to protect you and keep you operating without a large financial burden.

The Smartest Option Available

It is obvious, based on market indicators, that "as a service" type of payment models make the most logical sense for acquiring a depreciating asset, such as technology hardware because the value lies in the USE rather than ownership of the equipment. Subscription or "as a service" payment models are everywhere for a reason and TAMCO Shield, when compared to other options, is the smartest way to pay both financially and technologically.