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Staff at MIS collectively represent more than 75 years of Healthcare Security Management, including two former hospital security directors with active board certifications from multiple professional security and safety associations. We not only understand how a security system works, we know how a security system is used because we have designed, engineered, and used them ourselves.

In addition, we have experience with JCAHO standards. We have worked with numerous AHJs to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local jurisdictions. We also understand and can work with your staff to improve HCAHPS scores.

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Totguard Infant Protection

The TotGuard system is designed to prevent infants from being removed without authorization. Authorized staff are able to transport an infant off of the protected unit whenever necessary. An alarm will sound if the band is cut, the infant is near an open door, or even if the door gets propped open.

TotGuard has been designed with standards compliance and certification in mind, meaning it easily integrates with complementary security and healthcare systems and any devices based on the IEEE 802.15.4f standard.

Baby laying in a totguard security soluiton

Mother Tags

The chance of a baby being given to the wrong mother is far greater than the risk of abduction. GuardRFID's Mother Tag will alert you in the event that a newborn is being handed to the wrong mother.

A child given correctly to the mother with mother tags

Wandering Patient Security

GuardRFID’s  Wandering Patient is the most robust, multi-purpose, real-time location platform, helping healthcare organizations like yours achieve maximum security, compliance, and efficiencies when it comes to your patients.


Electronic Whiteboards

We understand and can work with your staff to improve HCAHPS scores. MTR® Electronic Whiteboards for hospitals and other healthcare facilities boost teamwork, improve communication between hospital staff, Patients, and Families, and can dramatically reduce never-events. Patients and Families really appreciate being informed with accurate and up-to-the-minute information about their care and caregivers.

MTR® Electronic Whiteboards

Real Time Locate systems

Real-time locate systems (RTLS) are transforming healthcare in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Enhancing the patient and visitor experience
  2. Improving patient flow
  3. Reducing waiting time
  4. Increased management and tracking of assets
  5. Patient safety
  6. Staff safety
  7. Workforce efficiency

In addition, used properly, RTLS can improve your HCAHPS scores.

Laptop being used for realy time location
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