Security for the Healthcare Industry

Midwest Integrated Solutions understands that healthcare facilities need to be secure in order to foster a healing environment. We are able to provide infant protection, CCTV systems, alarm systems, access control, and more. MIS can provide you with the tools you need to keep your patients and staff safe and ensure peace of mind.

Baby laying in a totguard security soluiton


The TotGuard system is designed to prevent infants from being removed without authorization. Authorized staff are able to transport an infant off of the protected unit whenever necessary. An alarm will sound if the band is cut, the infant is near an open door, or even if the door gets propped open.

GuardRFID’s patient being taken back to hospital care

Wandering Patient security

GuardRFID’s  Wandering Patient  is the most robust, multi-purpose, real-time location platform, helping healthcare organizations like yours achieve maximum security, compliance, and efficiencies when it comes to your patients.

properly designed access control system

Access Control

Security and safety begin with a properly designed access control system. Monitoring who is in your facility and where they go is essential to protecting your personnel, products, and property. MIS has the expertise to bring high quality, user-specific solutions to our customers to fulfill every unique need.

ensure safety and peace of mind with a camera


Proper surveillance is paramount in the security of your facility. The right camera not only acts as a deterrent but as evidence and clarity in the case of an unforeseen event. Our experts will assist you in finding the right fit for your unique needs to ensure safety and peace of mind.

MTR® Electronic Whiteboards

Electronic Whiteboards

We understand and can work with your staff to improve HCAHPS scores. MTR® Electronic Whiteboards for hospitals and other healthcare facilities boost teamwork, improve communication between hospital staff, Patients and Families, and can dramatically reduce never-events. Patient and Families really appreciate being informed with accurate and up to the minute information about their care and caregivers.

Laptop being used for realy time location

Real Time Locate systems

Real-time locate systems (RTLS) are transforming healthcare in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Enhancing the patient and visitor experience
  2. Improving patient flow
  3. Reducing waiting time
  4. Increased management and tracking of assets
  5. Patient safety
  6. Staff safety
  7. Workforce efficiency

In addition, used properly, RTLS can improve your HCAHPS scores.

Our Process

As a systems integrator in the Midwest, MIS continues to provide technology-based solutions for Security, Access Control, Digital Video, Lobby Management, Infant Protection and much, much more. MIS has established a reputation for service and excellence. By following a step by step process we can ensure that each customer gets the very best solution that fits their unique needs.

  • Assessment

    Whether you already know what you need, or if you would like expert assistance, MIS staff will work with you to identify the best possible solution.  As an integrator, we often save the customer time and money by using existing equipment that other companies replace and discard.  

  • Expert Design

    In the design phase, we work with you to design the best technologies appropriate for your individual needs. Our expertly trained staff will provide you with the materials needed to ensure the security system is designed to your satisfaction, prior to installation. 

  • Installation

    Prior to installation, our sales staff will introduce you to our project manager. Our project manager will schedule the installation and provide specifications for all products, drawings, and an estimated timeline of completion.  Our project manager will be available to answer any questions that may arise during the installation.

  • Training

    Training is one of the most overlooked, yet critical aspects of any security system.  We believe that a well-trained customer is more likely to use their system more effectively and with much more enjoyment than having to constantly call for support.  We provide on-site training as well as training documentation for new employees or refresher courses. We want you to use your system to its maximum potential.

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