All Security Companies are not Alike

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All security companies are not alike.

All security companies are not alike. Thousands of dollars yearly are spent on lackluster security systems with even less impressive service. If you need security, you need a professional company that not only has experience in selling systems but has real-world experience in the design and management of systems and programs. A complete security system goes beyond the sale and installation of access control, CCTV, burglar alarm systems, intercom, infant and child protection, and so on. A complete system looks at the People, Programs, Training, and Technology (P2T2®) as a whole. At Midwest Integrated Solutions, we use the following as a guide to a comprehensive security solution.



As a part of an overall security program, our professional consultants assess every campus

security program using these elements as a foundation.

People (Hiring the right person)

  • Selection Criteria
  • Background Investigation
  • Drug Screening
  • Exit Interviews

Programs (Developing and implementing the right programs)

  • The Security Management Plan
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Staffing and Organization
  • Crisis Management

Training (Knowledge to do the job right)

  • Security Staff
  • Non-Security Staff
  • Security Awareness
  • Physical Protection of People and Property
  • Security Services

Technology (Proper tools to assist)

  • Access Control
  • Key Management Systems
  • CCTV
  • Alarm Systems
  • Communication / Mass Notification Systems
  • Lobby Management
  • Visitor ID Systems

Get more security out of your facility.

Designed by the owners of Midwest Integrated Solutions and Sorensen, Wilder, and Associates, the P2T2® system looks at your program in its entirety and provides you with an assessment report that is thorough and complete. This systematic, organized approach eliminates freelancing and haphazard methodologies and assures campus officials that all critical aspects of their program are included.

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