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Recovering after a home invasion.

Recovering after a home invasion can be a long and stressful process. From replacing lost items to filing police reports, it may seem like a never-ending nightmare. Below are some ways that can help you assess the damage done or even prevent it entirely.   Upon discovering that your home has been broken into, your … Read more

The Advantages of a Window Film

Did you know that window security film isn’t just for large businesses? Not only do window films make it much harder for thieves to break in, but they also can prevent the glass from violently shattering in case a large object were to come flying through it. Some films also have the ability to block … Read more

Top 5 Tips for a Safe and Secure Summer.

As summer is in full swing, many of us are excitedly planning vacations, beach trips, and other outdoor activities. However, amidst the summer fun, it is crucial that we do not neglect the security of our homes. With longer daylight hours and potential vulnerabilities, it is essential to take proactive measures to protect our property … Read more

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough… The recent shooting at Nashville Covenant School left at least 6 dead, including 3 children, ages 9 and 8. We have been in the security business for over 40 years, and it sickens us every time we hear about another school shooting, knowing it most likely could have been prevented or at … Read more

Product Tip #4 Access Control Upgraded

Did you know that most modern access control systems have capabilities far beyond just locking and unlocking doors? These systems can prevent access if an employee is terminated, set doors to alarm if they are held open, or even give temporary access to someone between certain hours of the day or week! Your system may … Read more

Product Tip #3

  Did you know that there are emergency pull stations for many different problems? Not only are there the standard fire alarm pull stations, but there are stations for medical alerts and police alerts. If you think you could benefit from these stations let us know!

Product Tip #2

A good alarm system should have some very basic capabilities. These include live alerts, remote locking and unlocking, event recording, and intrusion detection. If your alarm system is missing one or several of these, it’s time to make a change. Would you know if someone were in your home?

All Security Companies are not Alike

Midwest Integrated Solutions Team Members Standing as A Group In Front of a big brick building

All security companies are not alike. All security companies are not alike. Thousands of dollars yearly are spent on lackluster security systems with even less impressive service. If you need security, you need a professional company that not only has experience in selling systems but has real-world experience in the design and management of systems … Read more

Product Tip #1

How smart are your cameras? Did you know that some cameras have the ability to search for people throughout your facility? With modern advancements in AI technology, your cameras may be able to search for individuals in your facility by clothing type, bag color, hairstyle, and more. Contact your camera provider to find out a … Read more

A Call to Action Regarding School Security

Let’s start with something we can all agree on: Something needs to be done about school security, and summer is the best time to begin. The shooting of 19 children and 2 teachers in Uvalde, Texas has everyone up in arms about the safety and security of our children, especially in K-12 schools. And it … Read more