Infant Abduction in Hospitals

As a former healthcare Security Director, one of my biggest concerns was (and remains) infant abduction. While infant abduction is extremely rare, an abduction has devastating consequences on the parents, the healthcare staff, the facility, and the entire community. As such, infant protection systems have become a “standard of care” in healthcare facilities. While there are numerous systems on the market, it is the responsibility of the healthcare professional, often the Security Director, to determine not only which system is best, but which security company delivers the best value.

It is not enough to choose a company that installs infant protection systems. You need a company that specializes in infant protection as the totality of various requirements needed for your specific facility. Midwest Integrated Solutions (MIS) is owned and operated by former healthcare Security and Risk Management professionals. We understand the needs of each facility and work tirelessly to assist in the implementation of a well-rounded solution that meets their specific requirements. There is much more to infant protection than just a high-tech tagging system. A complete solution includes an evaluation of current practices, a site visit to understand the complete layout of the unit or units, assistance with policies and procedures, staff training, and infant abduction drills. In addition, since healthcare institutions are becoming more proactive in protecting infants and children, abductions from the home are on the rise.

Many healthcare facilities ‘ practices now include training for parents, family members, and home caregivers on methods to reduce the likelihood of abduction from the home, as well as other common areas traveled. Midwest Integrated Solutions has the knowledge, the experience, and the trained staff to assist you with a complete infant protection program.

– Chris Sorensen
Former Head of Security
at University of Chicago Hospitals and
co-owner of Midwest Integrated Solutions.