Why wire twice? You need fiber in your building today.

When integrators settle for traditional copper cabling so does the building owner.
Don’t settle. Fiber was designed for demanding audio-visual and network installations, and it will ensure
your system’s performance for years to come.

Why fiber?

Fiber improves system reliability with a lower cost of ownership. Fiber is also immune to lightning strikes, static electricity, power surges, and other interference.

Today’s cutting-edge technology supports 8K video and copper simply can’t handle the bandwidth. Whether you’re upgrading today or tomorrow, you need fiber for native Ultra HD video.

Forget slow internet, buffering and dropouts. Fiber allows virtually unlimited network bandwidth and upgrades without pulling new cable.

Fiber is incredibly versatile.

Traditional twisted-pair cables max out at 330 feet, and the longer the cable length the slower the signal speed. Fiber transmits thousands of feet with no degradation of signal performance.

The growing number of connected devices per household demands a faster cable infrastructure.

Failing to install fiber means compromised system performance and additional material and labor cost tomorrow.

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