Campus Security Buttons

Campus Security Buttons

There are so many different visions that come to mind when I talk about campus security buttons. One of the most common is the very visible emergency phone tower seen on campuses throughout the country. The thing I hear most about those is that they are too far away for someone to reach if they are being attacked. That is a point well taken. If an assailant means to do you harm, he/she is not likely to do it near a tower or let the victim run to a tower to call for help. But are you aware that there are apps on a smartphone that allow a victim to alert security and/or send a message to the tower?

Many schools and businesses have installed a blue light system that works much the same way as a fire alarm system. Pull the alarm and the system instantly notifies the police, security, or other first responders that someone needs assistance. These systems can also be integrated into a smartphone app.

Blue light systems have progressed over the years and are now used for;

  1. Area of Rescue Assistance
  2. Intercom Systems
  3. Access Control
  4. CCTV
  5. Mass Notification, and more.


While the uses are many, selecting the best system to fit your needs is a little more complicated. However, a properly designed and engineered blue light system is a great asset to a well-rounded security plan.

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