Security Window Film


When it comes to safety and security, glass is the weakest point on your building’s exterior. Consumers spend thousands of dollars on access control, CCTV, and alarm systems, but rarely consider the security of their window and door glass.


You may be wondering, “Why should I spend money to protect my building’s windows and glass doors?” Listed below are some of the benefits of Safety and Security film:


  1. Makes glass harder to breach.
  2. Requires a greater deal of time to breach which causes more noise.
  3. Keeps glass from shattering into shards that could potentially cause harm.
  4. Can be set up as a one-way view preventing outsiders from seeing in.
  5. Provides extra privacy for building occupants.
  6. Provides a level of protection against graffiti.
  7. Rejects harmful UV rays that cause fading.


In addition, high winds and tornadoes are abundant in the Midwest. Having the right security film can reduce the likelihood of an object coming through the window and takes away those sharp shards of glass if a window does break.


The film is less expensive than tempered glass. If you already have tempered glass, the addition of window film provides the ultimate protection.  Window films also offer a variety of interchangeable designs, including, frosted, matte, prism, stripe, gradient, and border to name a few.


If you are looking to add to your alarm system, contact Midwest Integrated Solutions today for a free estimate.

For a demo of how Security Window Film works click here!