Why wire twice? You need fiber in your building today.

  Most integrators settle for traditional copper cabling and that means so does the average building owner. Don’t settle. Fiber was designed for demanding audio-visual and network installations, and it will ensure your system’s performance for years to come. Why fiber? Fiber improves system reliability with a lower cost of ownership. Fiber is immune to … Read more

The Dark Economy

Dark Economy “This pandemic is great for my business!” said very few people. Unless you’re a hacker. And then it’s likely that business is booming. We don’t think of cybercriminals as businesspeople. We tend to think they are individuals lurking about in hoodies in their basement. Quite the opposite – or so we have found … Read more

What is the Hotel and Casino Employee Safety Act?

What is the Hotel and Casino Employee Safety Act? Let’s start with the basics There was an average of 7,840 violent crimes per year in hotels or motels between 2004 and 2008, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Legislation is being pushed in many states for greater protection against workplace violence for hotel staff. … Read more

Government Data Breach

We recently learned that the US government was a victim of multiple data breaches within various federal agencies. As you’d expect, all of the details are not yet known, but the Commerce Department has acknowledged that it was a target by attackers. The group responsible is believed to be linked to Russia. Cybersecurity analyst Mark … Read more

Before and After

Imagine if you had two emails that were worth a million dollars each. You would do everything that you can to protect those emails and ensure that no one deleted them. You would back them up, have multiple copies in place so that if you lost those emails, you would have a quick way to … Read more

Cyber Criminals are Taking Advantage of Covid-19

Cybercriminal activity has surged in 2020. By May of this year, the number of reported attacks had already come close to the total for 2019, according to the federal government. With the onset of COVID-19, there were a plethora of new opportunities for cybercriminals to take advantage of our uncertainties, fears, and overall lack of … Read more

How to Buy a Home Security System

How to Buy a Home Security System 1.Decide how much protection you need. This depends on the amount of crime in your area, how many areas of your home and property you want to protect, and your own comfort level. 2.Determine your budget. Make sure you are getting the protection you need without going overboard. … Read more

How to Avoid the Stimulus Scam

With the election season winding down, and a new administration announcing plans for the future, there will be another factor that contributes to the uncertainty of our times.  (When does the list of uncertainties stop growing, I wonder?) And again, we find hackers and cybercriminals in a power position to take advantage of our uncertainty … Read more

Infant Abduction in Hospitals

As a former healthcare Security Director, one of my biggest concerns was (and remains) infant abduction. While infant abduction is extremely rare, an abduction has devastating consequences on the parents, the healthcare staff, the facility, and the entire community. As such, infant protection systems have become a “standard of care” in healthcare facilities. While there … Read more

Is Your Home Secure This Holiday Season?

Home Security after 2020 Congratulations! 2020 is finally coming to an end. Like many of you, I cannot wait to see this year in my rear-view mirror. I am hopeful that 2021 and beyond are much better. However, we still have the month of December to contend with. Historically, December has been a time where … Read more