Springs Basic Safety Items

Spring is in the air! The weather is getting nicer, the birds are chirping in the morning, and soon the grass will be turning green. However, spring is not the time to overlook some basic safety items: Smoke Alarms: 60% of home fire deaths result from fires in homes with no smoke alarms, according to the National … Read more

Community Surveillance Systems

Keep your city safe with Community Surveillance Systems With the increase in crime rates throughout the United States, I thought it would be a great time to talk about community surveillance systems. While I realize there needs to be consideration between how much “big brother” is watching and the need for safety, I remember back … Read more

Why do I need an access control system?

“Why do I need an access control system? We have a key system that we have been using for years.” I have heard statements like this for several years now. And believe it or not, my answer to that question has not changed much over those years. While access control has advanced with time, the … Read more

Smart Speaker Security

Smart Speaker

Alexa, What Are You Collecting? At the top of many gift lists is a smart speaker device. They can make our life easier and more convenient with integration across all of our devices, taking efficiency to the next level. And it is likely we’ve all made a new friend in Alexa, Siri, or their Google … Read more

Security Window Film

When it comes to safety and security, glass is the weakest point on your building’s exterior. Consumers spend thousands of dollars on access control, CCTV, and alarm systems, but rarely consider the security of their window and door glass.   You may be wondering, “Why should I spend money to protect my building’s windows and … Read more

Campus Security Buttons

Campus Security Buttons There are so many different visions that come to mind when I talk about campus security buttons. One of the most common is the very visible emergency phone tower seen on campuses throughout the country. The thing I hear most about those is that they are too far away for someone to … Read more

Smart Appliances are Now Here

Are we inadvertently putting a spy in our home? Do smart appliances have the ability to hear and see what we are doing? The answer is a little complex, but there are aspects of these devices that all consumers should be aware of. First, these are not designed to spy on you. But when you … Read more

Unemployment Scams

Unemployment Scams   We tend to not ask too many questions and let things slide when we aren’t certain about the situation. Is that normal? Should that happen like that? I guess so. I don’t really know. I mean, it seems ok?? And as with all things related to COVID-19, there’s an air of uncertainty … Read more